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One of the best concerts until now realised: the roumanian origin pianist Adrian  Theodor Vasilache  masters the greatest technical difficult pages with a musical impetus  which gives back freshness and intelligence to every music piece he plays, of any stile or epoch.
TRIESTE – The Messager

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Vasilache is a pianist who elected Italy for devoting himself to art. During a magnificent  concert he offered great piano masterpieces exciting with a brilliant  interpretation: the transcendental pianistic virtuosity alternates with esquisit sweet  accents in a profoundly music and psychological knowledge
MILANO –  IL Giornale Nuovo

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Adrian Vasilache is an exceptional pianist, as few we have until now listen: an elegant musician of a perfect technique witch is no “purpose” but “way” to  render the proper emotions, nuances of his feeling, meanwhile he interprets the masterpieces of the greatest composers. Vasilache is a real interpret, he makes  his own the works when he play. And this is true Art.                                         ANCONA – Corriere Adriatico

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Vasilache offered to a very attentive international public, series of Scarlatti and Galuppi sonatas exciting with an intelligent interpretation the wealthy Italian 17th  style.
TORINO – La Stampa

The merit of Adrian Vasilache is to find the key of Chopin’s  hidden sensibility: His great expressive capacity put him in the best sintony with the audience.
BRESCIA  –  Brescia Oggi

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Vasilache  gave, as a gift for the public, a superb interpretation of  Mussorgsky’s Pictures of an exhibition, finding the deepest meanings of this work: this is the  version  we would like ever to listen.
FERRARA  – La Nuova Ferrara


I heard Mr. Vasilache when he gave a recital in 26th July at St-James, which I

found most enjoyable.

His playing is highly musical and imaginative with a technique which answers all his demands.

..I wormly recomand him for your consideration.

Professor Royal College of Music, LONDON

In a world where the pianists are practically  millions, but few are the artists, he is more then a very good instrumentalist : Vasilache is a deep musician and has a beautiful blending of the scholar and of the performer, able to give enthusiasm to his audience.

I have listen Adrian Vasilache in concert with a great program and I can  test his musical and pianistic high quality. It is my opinion that he is destinate to an important concert career.

It is a pleasure to introduce the roumanian origin pianist  Adrian Vasilache who studied some year with me and who has the best  qualities  for a great career  as concertist.  My whish is he could reach the best success as he demonstrated  to obtain in the most difficult  artistic competitions, and as his  Fatherland hopes to reach through the merit of his value.