I Recital del Maestro Adrian Vasilache

February – May, 2014: piano recitals in Fermo, Monte Urano, Verona

October – November, 2013:piano and chamber music recitals, Master class at  O.S.U. Oklahoma and Houston, St.Thomas University ( U.S.A.).

December 2012 –September, 2013:  piano recitals in the middle Italy (Marche)  musical programs are basically formed by masterpieces as  Schumann Carnaval op.9 /  Chopin’s great sonatas op.35 and op.58 / Brahms-    Paganini Variations op.35 or  Strawinsky- Three movements from ”Petroushka”.

December 2010 – November 2012: piano recitals based on great Italian Unknown composers of the XVIII-th and XIX-th century ( Cruciani,  studied  with Liszt, or Vecchiotti-friend and admired by Rossini(as composer), Celsi- “undisclosed” sort of an Italian Messiaen)

1972-2013 more than 2,000 concerts (recitals, and as soloist with orchestra) in the  most important Cities of Romania, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain.


Philarmonic Orchestra “G.Enescu”, Bucharest, 2009 , conduct. H.Andreescu Tchaikovsky, op.23 in b minor (nr.I)

Camerata ascolana,  Villa Pianetti, Jesi (AN) 2004 – as conductor  Pachelbel, Mozart, Britten (Sample symphony)

Russian Udmurtian  Pilarmonic Orchestra, Ancona, 2000 Rachmaninov, op.18 in c minor – 2 nd piano concerto

Orchestra Italiana da camera, Ascoli Piceno, Teramo, 1998  Mozart, K.488, A major (soloist) , conductor A.Piccone Stella

Pergolesi Chamber Orchestra, 1997, Jesi – Pergolesi Opera Theater:  Mozart Simphony g minor. ,”Kronungmesse” K.317 (conductor)

London Chamber Orchestra, 1996, London, St.James Auditorium, Piccadylli  Conductor  A.Goodchild –  Mozart – K.466, d minor (piano soloist)

1978-1977-1976: concerts with roumanian Philarmonic Orchestra of Craiova, Satu Mare, Bacau, Iasi (Saint-Saens,Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov) as conductors: Paul Popescu, Theodor Costin, Marius Bazu, Carol Litvin, Ion Baciu, Paul Staicu, Ovidiu Balan, Marius Cichirdan